Windows XP support has ended

As of April 8 2014, your XP computer is no longer receiving automatic updates that help protect your personal information. Even if you have anti-virus software, your computer may not be fully secure.

What this means for you

If you continue to use Windows XP without XP support, your computer may still work but will become vulnerable to security risks and viruses. And as more software and hardware manufacturers continue to optimize for more recent versions of Windows, a greater number of programs and devices like cameras and printers won’t work with Windows XP. Windows XP end of support help for business.

  • Why Windows XP support ended

    Windows XP is 12 years old. It’s typical to end service for software as it gets older and technology evolves. Most of us have replaced cell phones and even our cars over the last 12 years – now it’s time to replace your Windows XP computer with a new PC. Or you can check to see if your Windows XP computer can run the new Windows. We’ve outlined your options and are here to support you as you make your next step.

  • Help protect your personal files

    We want to help your personal files, photos, etc. stay secure. To help ensure they stay secure, you’ll need to either upgrade your Windows XP machine to the new Windows (which may not work, learn more) or get a new Windows PC. If you get a new Windows PC we’ll help you migrate your files, photos, and more for free.

  • We're here to help

    If you still need answers, check out our top questions about the end of Windows XP support. And if you’re concerned about moving your personal files, photos, music and more when you upgrade, we can help you transfer it for free.

  • There are two options

    With support ending, we're here to make your next step easy.

    • 1 You can try to upgrade your Windows XP machine to the new Windows for $199. Due to the age of your computer, consider all the details.

    • 2 Purchase a new Windows PC starting at $249. New Windows PCs are 37% less expensive than Windows XP computers in 2002*. And with built in security, your PC will be more secure.

    Keep the familiar desktop you love

    With the new Windows, you’ll have the same familiar desktop that you have today and can still do things, like email, reading news online, and using Office. And with the new Start screen, you can access the things you love faster, like people, sites and apps, with your familiar desktop just a tap or click away.

    8 things to know about the new Windows

    • It's new, but you know it

      Work the way you always have with the familiar desktop and the Start button, but now with the magic of touch.

    • It's easy to get around

      With touch or mouse and keyboard, you can quickly and easily get it all done.

    • Power of Office

      On a new Windows PC you can get the latest version of Office. Some PCs even come with Office pre-installed for free.

    • It works with what you have

      Your new tablet or PC will work with most printers, cameras, and software.

    • Do more of what you enjoy online

      You'll find new Windows PCs are faster than Windows XP computers. Get to sites and news faster.

    • Easily switch

      You can move from the familiar desktop to your Start screen and back with a click or a tap.

    • Exclusive and popular apps

      Get great apps and use them on your PC. Many of them are free.

    • Great new devices

      New Windows PCs cost a third less than Windows XP computers in 2002*. They are also thinner, lighter, faster, and have great battery life.