Windows 8 is a completely redesigned operating system developed from the ground up
with touchscreen use in mind as well as near instant-on capabilities that enable a Windows 8 PC to load and start up in a matter of seconds rather than in minutes.

Windows 8 Vocabulary

  • Apps - "App" is another word for program. In Windows 8 , some apps come built-in to Windows, and there are even more available in the Windows Store.

  • Live Tiles Interactive apps that take advantage of Internet access to provide real-time updates.

  • Hot Corners - The corners on your screen are hot corners and give you access to different Windows features.

  • Charms Bar - Contains a set of buttons and commands that control the application you are currently using, as well as provide options for system settings. The Charms bar includes many of the features previously available from the Start button.

  • Metro-style - New layout of Windows 8 with tiles and apps instead of the standard desktop with a Start button.

  • Mobile - Windows 8 is designed for mobile devices, such as tablets. You can also sign into your Windows 8 screen anywhere using your Live ID, and your customized settings travel with you.

  • Touch-centric Touch is a key element in Windows 8; however, a traditional mouse and keyboard can be used as well.

  • Speed Bump - The small gap between groups of tiles. Speed bumps can be added to create new groups.