Microsoft Windows Me

Through customer feedback and development team efforts, this new operating system addresses many consumer questions from previous Windows versions as well as provides additional features which reflect changes in mainstream home computing. Still focused on the Win 9x kernel (with an updated Windows 2000 look), Windows Me is designed to improve the home PC experience in four main key areas. The first, PC Health, is designed to improve overall reliability as well as making general computer activities easier with a more simplistic and intuitive point of view. Digital media and entertainment is the next key area focused in Windows Me. Because there is an increase in digital media and entertainment such as pictures, video and music in the computing world users will be able to use multimedia features in a simpler, more enjoyable way. Keeping the Internet revolution in mind, the third area of online experience is brought to make the home Internet experience better by providing enhanced features for browsing the WWW, chatting online, sending & receiving e-mail and much more. Finally, Microsoft has strengthened its goals for a "connected home" by adding features for easier home networking. This aspect is designed for the purpose of sharing printers, an Internet connection, and many other resources available today.

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